We’re a Blue Mountains based building company specialising in spray render and strawbale building technologies.

Incorporating the latest techniques and equipment, we are a collective of highly experienced professional builders, passionate about creating sustainable, practical, and affordable architecture through the medium of strawbale building.

Strawbale building offers an exciting and practical technique for building in the unique Australian climate. Strawbale houses offer superior insulation against cold winters and harsh summers, providing pleasant ambient temperatures year round, while saving thousands of dollars on heating and cooling expenses. The rapid growth of strawbale building in Australia is indicative of its uncanny suitability to Australia’s extremes of weather.

With unlimited architectural potential, a sustainable and natural building process, and affordability not available with conventional building techniques, we are excited to be part of the new wave of Australian building that is strawbale building.

If you’re new to the idea of strawbale and clay spray-rendering, you’ll find lots of information throughout this site, which will be expanded upon in the future to provide a comprehensive resource on strawbale building in Australia.

So have a browse, check out our gallery and projects pages, and feel free to contact us. If you’d like more information, we are available for consultations.